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4 Tips To Burn Body Fat Fast

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There are many different factors that go into losing weight, especially when the goal is to focus on shedding fat. Obviously one pound of water weight is not the same as a pound of fat, and the second one is a lot harder to burn through. The good news is that by focusing on a few main points, it is absolutely possible to accelerate the process to get closer to that body that you want.

Tip #1: Switch To Low Carb Diet

The studies have been done over and over and there's no denying the results. Carbs are easily converted to sugar, and sugar is converted to fat. A diet that is high in protein and low in carbs makes your body much more likely to turn to burning fat for fuel. These diets not only make it easy to lose fat fast, but also help with boosting a sitting metabolism and building muscle when working out, which only further boosts those benefits.

Tip #2: Embrace High Intensity Exercises

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the single best type of exercise for burning fat at a fast rate. These exercises involve moments of all out 100% sprint level effort followed by slowing down to a normal rate for a much longer period of time before suddenly kicking it up again. This keeps the body confused and flooded with hormones, burning calories in case of need. No fat burning program is at its most effective if HIIT isn't involved - no exceptions.

Tip #3: Use The Right Supplements

Don't use ECA stacks, which can work but have vicious side effects, or fall for the "fat burners" that are protein powders with plenty of calories on their own. There are studies that show certain natural foods help burn calories - find the supplements based on these and take them to encourage the fat burn that happens with exercise and a high protein diet.

Green tea extract is a huge one. Some studies have shown that concentrated garlic help. A dose of aspirin can even give a little bit of a kick when used in moderation. Don't forget Alpha Lipoic Acid - one of the most effective of all but take with a meal since this one tends to cause heartburn in many people.

Tip #4: Embrace The Cold

Swim in an unheated pool, take a cold shower, or if you have the discipline, look at ice baths. The studies are still being done but when the body is exposed to cold it burns much hotter to compensate and that energy comes from burned fat and calories. Even a simple 15 minute daily regimen of ice packs on the back, shoulders, and chest and a cold shower will speed up the process, and swimming is an outstanding boost to fat burning even above and beyond the exercise itself.

If you follow these four tips, you will find your efforts to burn fat fast will take off, and results will start speeding up impressively that very first week.

- Andrew James

About the Author

Andrew James is an avid believer in living a fit and healthy life. He aims to help as many people as possible find the answers they need to becoming the best, in shape version of themselves. He has reached over 3,500 followers through his instagram @Fitacceleration. You can also check out his website

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