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How to Build Muscle with a Full Time Job

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It is only the fortunate few who get a sponsor or get a fee to pose at some occasions that will make money from building muscles. Most of us have to work 8 hours a day in order to afford the time spent at the gym or to afford the diet and supplements that it takes to build a good body.

To get a full hour into your day of hard training at the gym or at home comes from planning and time management. If you train after work then you will know very well exactly how much motivation and dedication it requires to motivate yourself to train after a hard day’s work.

That is excluding the discipline and the dedication it requires to constantly be aware of your diet and getting the correct nutrition into your body. If you are going to do this along with keeping a stressful job it is going to require some very specific planning if you are going to be successful.

Time management comes from knowing yourself and what you are capable of. It is pointless starting again and again when you know that you will not do what you said you would do. Just like when you are training you need to know yourself and your limitations and be constantly putting these limitations to the test.

Bodybuilding is a tough sport to compete in and just getting a body that you are proud of comes from dedication, discipline and tenacity. Your body looks like what you do to it or for it every day and not what you do to it once a week.

Building muscle comes from getting stronger and the only way to get stronger is to test your limitations beyond what they were the last time. Science calls it progressive resistance, which is now scientifically proven to build more muscle.

Life management skills when one is trying to develop muscle are vitally important as it is all about planning. From keeping a strict training journal so that you can record your weights that you lift to planning your meals so that you do not impulse buy when you are hungry, it all comes down to planning.

Making a decision to build muscle or be a bodybuilder is not a light decision as it requires sacrifice which is just part of the game if you want to see results from your efforts. Finding the balance between your work, your family and your training and nutrition is not easy otherwise everyone would have a great body.

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