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Ostarine Results

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Ostarine has now been identified as the most effective anabolic SARM’s (selective androgen receptor module). However, when taking Ostarine we need to make sure that we always cycle when taking this SARM. If Ostarine is cycled correctly studies have shown it can even perform better than Dianabol.

The ability to ONLY gain lean muscle tissue when bulking up has been the most sort after factor by any bodybuilder. The idea of taking a drug that will only increase your muscle size and not increase your body-fat sounds like a dream come true for most bodybuilders, but there is a caution attached.

The caution is your cycle because the continued use of a dose that is higher than 25mg a day for month after month will eventually shut down your own testosterone production. The consideration that the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus could be negatively affected permanently needs to be taken very seriously.

Without a doubt the biggest advantage of taking Ostarine is when you are cutting up. If is for a bodybuilding contest or some important upcoming event where you need to reduce body-fat as low as possible, Ostarine is a good choice. The ability of Ostarine to maintain your existing muscle while you go on a serious calorie restricted low-fat diet is extremely good.

It is completely disheartening for any bodybuilder who goes on a ‘cutting’ diet for a few weeks to lose body-fat and then lose hard earned muscle at the same time. There will always be a severe drop in your T level and other hormones when on a restrictive cutting diet.

The problem gets aggravated by the drop in T3, IGF and HGH which results in a catabolic environment. Under normal circumstances you would lose muscle fast but if you are taking Ostarine you will be able to prevent any muscle or strength loss while on a cutting diet.

The last advantage that has proven itself to work when taking Ostarine is that it will help you use the food you eat more effectively, because it has a nutrient partitioning effect on the metabolism. This enables you to still continue with lipolysis (fat metabolism) despite the limited calorie input.

The recommended dose is to start off slowly, results have been seen with only 3mg a day. The dose for someone who is cutting up or restricting calories to lose fat should be around 25mg a day for 4 to 6 weeks. For those not cutting using this dosage increases lean body mass by 6lbs of muscle in 6 weeks without having to deal with the common side effects seen with most steroids.

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