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How Poor Food Intake Increases Belly Fat

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By: David Grisaffi

Copyright 2008 David Grisaffi

Food is not only important for our biological growth but also affects our emotional and social interactions. Unfortunately, the real meaning of food has got lost in the present rat-race which we term as 'life'. This super-fast lifestyle is taking a huge toll on people's health and most of them do not realize it until it is too late. A vibrant health is what everyone should have but how many of us actually possess it?

In this 'instant' age food is the prime casualty. Work, home, social pressures all combine to make healthy eating habits seem difficult and that ugly roll of fat around the stomach is proof of it. Here, we will try and show how poor food intakes increases belly fat.

Who doesn't want to look good? It's human nature to want to look attractive. People spend money on gyms, on fad dieting just so that they can possess an enviable figure... Besides looking ugly, fat on the abdomen is a sure sign of a host of diseases which just may attack you making this fat extremely injurious to health. Nature designed the human body so that it would store fat as energy reserves but along with a leap in technology(cutting our work into half), came increased inactivity and poor dietary habits and this contributed to fat getting accumulated on the abdomen.

Poor food intakes increases belly fat because poor quality, high in calories food stimulates the increase of fat cells and creates new fat cells. A diet high in sodium and fat and sugar adds to the abdominal fat. People now are so pressed for time that they take short-cuts for food and have now substituted good old home cooking with ready-to-eat food packages. Fast food is poor food, no matter what the companies do to advertise their products as healthy. Junk food contains high levels of fat, sugar and salt. It is popular because it is easy to buy, needs no preparation and is convenient to eat and it also increases your waistline.

Studies have shown how poor food intakes increases belly fat because eating less fibrous and nutritious food results in poor elimination which in turn, causes bloating and distention of the stomach. You will not be able to get rid of that belly fat without taking a good look at what you are putting in there. If you treat your stomach as a trash can and insist on dumping nutrition-deficient food in it, it will take its toll on you.

People don't realize that no matter how much exercise they do, poor food intakes increases belly fat and they should guard against it. Whenever we are too emotionally charged, we tend to eat more and most of the time; we reach out for that packet of chips or that chocolate cake. In our stressed out mentality we don't realize the impact of these high-fat saturated foods and thus our poor food intakes increases belly fat. Food high in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is essential for a balanced diet. These food groups give the right amount of nutrition needed by the body.

Many times people make the mistake of dieting very rigorously in the hope that they will slim down and they remain hungry for long periods. But, this makes the body go into the 'starvation' mode, it decreases the metabolism and fat cells break down less and this is another instance of how poor food intakes increases belly fat.

Thus, the right kinds of food choices are very important for radiant health and an enviable figure!

David Grisaffi is a Sports Conditioning Coach and holds multiple certifications including three from the prestigious CHEK Institute. Plus he is also the author of the popular selling e book, "Firm and Flatten Your Abs," which teaches you how to develop a ripped abdominal region. Lean how to shed body fat and eliminate low back pain and receive his free newsletter by visiting:

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