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The New Science of Metabolism

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By: Leo Galland

It's well known that exercise burns calories, but regular exercise also stimulates the activity of fat-burning enzymes. The exciting news is that leptin can also stimulate these enzymes, which increases metabolic rate even when not exercising. Leptin is a hormone that exists naturally in the body. It is not a drug.

Since people burn up to two-thirds of calories used each day at resting metabolic rate, boosting resting metabolism is the key to sustained weight loss.

The Fat Resistance Diet presents a weight loss program that makes leptin work, stimulating metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day.

This diet plan combines the latest in scientific research on weight loss with meal plans and recipes that are designed to maximize flavor and satisfaction. The Fat Resistance Diet is the first diet plan that uses nutrition to boost metabolism, facilitating healthy weight loss without drugs. By enjoying Fat Resistance Foods such as tart blueberries, tangy pomegranate juice, and crunchy walnuts, you will be able to lose weight and get the body you want.

Boost metabolism in five easy steps from the diet plan:

1) Maximize Flavor and Nutrition

Fat Resistance Foods have the most flavor and nutritional value for the calories consumed and form a key part of the diet plan. These foods are rich in one or more of the dietary elements that help metabolism, including vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Delicious choices such as blueberries, tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, and fresh herbs make eating healthy a pleasure.

2) Use Healthy Omega-3 Oils

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids are essential to the healthy functioning of body and brain. Omega-3s help heal inflammation, making leptin work properly and increasing metabolism. These healthy fats contribute to a youthful appearance, making skin, hair, and nails healthy. Sources of Omega-3s include ground flax seed, walnuts, and beans, as well as fish, especially salmon or tuna.

3) Enjoy 9 or 10 Servings of Fruit and Vegetables Each Day

A successful weight loss program finds delicious ways to include fruits and vegetables in every meal. Choose fruits and vegetables with deep colors and intense flavors that reflect their high content of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, like carotenoids and flavonoids. The deepest red and blue flavonoids found in the jewel-like colors of blueberries, cherries, and pomegranate boost metabolism by helping leptin work properly.

4) Skip Artificial Sweeteners and Diet Sodas

The use of artificial sweeteners undermines an effective weight loss program. Studies show that artificial sweeteners interfere with weight loss by interfering with the body's ability to regulate the intake of calories. Furthermore, we are concerned about the potentially harmful and toxic effects of artificial sweeteners. So steer clear of sugar substitutes and diet sodas. Instead, enjoy a diet plan that uses fruit, fruit juice, and fruit concentrates for flavor and nutrition.

5) Indulge in Healthy Snacks and Desserts

Snacks satisfy hunger, and desserts add fun and satisfaction to a diet plan. Our weight loss program encourages indulgence in healthy choices. Enjoy delicious snacks such as crunchy walnuts or almonds, and dessert treats made from fruit and yogurt.

Director of The Foundation For Integrated Medicine, Leo Galland an award-winning lecturer and author of over 30 scientific articles and numerous chapters for medical textbooks. He is creator and author of The Fat Resistance Diet. For a free one-day meal plan and recipes, visit .

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