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Waterproof Fitness Trackers

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3 Quality Waterproof Fitness Trackers For Less Than $70

Without a doubt, fitness trackers are hugely popular and it can help fitness goers and people new to exercise to remain focused and motivated to be more active. And as the smart technology advances at a rapid rate, the tracking accuracy on these devices improves as well. But does it come at a price for consumers?

The great news is that you can find quality fitness trackers for under 70 bucks, you simply need to know where to find them. Waterproof fitness trackers are incredibly popular as there offer greater flexibility and use, which is the main reason we will present 3 quality waterproof fitness trackers for under $70.

Polar Loop

To get thing started, we will look at a popular waterproof fitness tracker, the Polar Loop. This fitness device will cost close to $70, and for that price you will be getting more than what it is worth.

This tracker operates continuously 24/7 and once you strap it on, it will automatically monitor all the general activities including your sleep. This wearable gizmo records and monitors the daily steps walked, the amount of calories burnt, and even shows you the times you were inactive and idle. The inactive feature is a nice motivator to get people moving more and be active.

As well, this is fitness tracker also acts as a watch which can show you the time of day, and it is waterproof, a perfect tool for swimmer. With the Polar App, you are able to sync the data to your smart-phone which also gives you the capability to log your training and view your overall progress and workout history.

Lastly if you want to ramp your training, the Polar Loop offers an extra accessory to monitor your heart rate.

Moov Now - Don't let the look of this plan, simple looking fitness tracker trick you. Not only can it track your daily activities, it can track running, swimming, boxing and sleep. What's more it can offer personal audio coaching to guide you through an activity. Again for less than $70, it offers plenty of value, and reviews on this wearable has been very positive. Overall, Moov Now can keep tabs of your progress, count reps, it has real time voice coaching to guide and help make improvements, ideal for swimming and unlike other fitness trackers that has a battery life up to 5 days, it can last more than six months.

This is a big difference and a huge tick for anyone.

Interestingly, Moov Now uses an Omni Motion sensor which utilizes both military and gaming tech to record, analyze your form and motion in 3D. The sensors allow it to perform three times more effective than other basic trackers. Plus with it's unique, space like design, you can wear the device on your wrist or on your ankle, and it is breathable, making it more comfortable to wear.

Misfit Shine Lastly, the third tracker we will be mentioning today is the popular Misfit shine. This tracker allows users to customize their own fitness targets, it has a four month battery life, it monitors all the daily and general activities like steps, distance, sleep, and calories. As well, it is waterproof, with a rating to up to 50 meters, which is perfect for swimming.

Aside from swimming, the fitness tracker can monitor multiple different sports from cycling to soccer, and, on days when you are not working out, it can perform like an everyday watch. Again for around $65, this simple but unique wearable device is a steal, and with twelve LEDs, it stands out in appearance.

Whether you are a swimmer, or someone looking to wear it all day and in the shower, or even a person who wants a wallet friendly fitness wearable, the three devices above clearly demonstrated that not all waterproof fitness trackers will not cost you more than $100.

Not only will you get plenty of value, you will get plenty of great data to help get in shape. Needless to say, if you really want to really keep track of your activities, a fitness tracker goes a long way to help you remain focused on your goals and for a tiny investment of less than $70, it offers plenty of benefits.

For fitness nuts and swimmers who wants more bang from their waterproof fitness tracker, has compiled a list of the 11 best fitness devices available today. Whether you are tight on budget, a triathlete, an athlete, a swimmer, or even a newbie, the waterproof fitness trackers on list will be an effective tool to help you make progress. As well, there is a FREE guide on How to Find The Best Fitness Tracker - everything you need to know to help you get the best mileage from a fitness tracker.

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