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Weight Loss Success On A Budget

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By: Cathy Wilson

Do you have a personal financial budget? Is your checkbook balanced regularly? Do you know your finances? Are your expenditures appropriate to your overall finances? Consider the same philosophy for your body through a calorie and exercise budget. Why not? If it works for you financially, it makes perfect sense to follow a calorie and exercise budget too.

You have a certain number of calories to consume throughout your day. Are you overextended or saving with your calories? If you're eating too many calories, you're gaining weight and out of balance with your caloric budget. Many of us don't consider the cost of the extra calories on our bodies until our clothes start feeling tight. However, if you're eating appropriately within your calorie budget and exercising, you are in balance in the form of maintaining your weight. If you eat less calories and/or exercise to expend more calories, what happens? You will lose weight. The equation of calories in/calories out is the way to lose weight and maintain your weight long-term.

There are 3,500 calories in a pound. To lose a pound, you need to consume less calories than your body needs as you conduct your daily routine. Like any good budget, your goal is not to spend more than you can afford. For example, you see a treat that looks good, check out the nutritional breakdown. As yourself if it is worth the calorie expenditure from your budget if you eat it? If not, don't allow it to break your calorie bank account and pass on to a better food choice.

Do you want to increase your calorie burn? You need to exercise. If you add exercise to the equation, you'll lose weight quicker and more efficient than if you were sedentary. In addition, calories burned through exercise increases your metabolism and the benefits continue even after you stop the exercise activity.

The more muscle you build, the higher your metabolism and the more calories you will naturally burn. Aerobic exercise is important. Strength training to increase your overall muscle nass is equally important. Resistance training and weight lifting also add a boost to your metabolism and calorie burn.

If you keep a food and exercise journal, consider it as your health checkbook. Your calorie and exercise budget build your health account better and stronger. Your finances are healthy and successful if you watch your financial picture closely. Your health will benefit from a successful calorie and exercise budget. Monitor your budget to enjoy maximum weight loss and weight maintenance.

By working with a coach, you can create a comprehensive calorie and exercise budget that is customized just for you, your likes and dislikes.

Just as you are diligent in your personal and family finances, consider the same for your body's calorie and exercise budget as well. By creating a calorie and exercise budget similar to your financial budget, it will help you think about how much you eat and exercise. A calorie and exercise budget will not only help you to eat less, but will also help you make healthier food choices to promote a balanced budget. The bonus of a good calorie and exercise budget is a balanced, successful, healthy and happy life.

Cathy Wilson is a weight loss life coach. Cathy lost 147 pounds six years ago. Her passion is helping clients achieve their weight loss and life goals. Cathy works with clients to create a weight loss life plan that is customized to each client. Cathy is a member of the International Coaching Federation, International Association of Coaches, and Obesity Action Coalition. Visit Cathy's website:

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